DVD Store: Cary Elwes

Glory (1989)
Director: Edward Zwick
Screenplay: Kevin Jarre
Cast: Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes, Morgan Freeman, Jihmi Kennedy, Andre Braugher
DVD Details: Commentary by director Edward Zwick, Morgan Freeman and Matthew Broderick; Exclusive Featurette: "The Voices of Glory"; Documentary: "The True Nature of Glory Continues" narrated by Morgan Freeman; Original Featurette; Deleted Scenes; Talent Files (Edward Zwick, Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and Cary Elwes); Theatrical trailer(s); Full-screen and widescreen anamorphic formats; Two discs.

The Cat's Meow (2001)
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Screenplay: Steven Peros
Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Edward Herrmann, Eddie Izzard, Cary Elwes, Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Tilly, Claudia Harrison, Victor Slezak, James Laurenson, Ronan Vibert, Chiara Schoras, Claudie Blakley
DVD Details: Audio commentary; "Anatomy Of A Scene"; The making of "Chaplin Short"; Hearst Mansion tour; Music video; Behind the scenes footage; Theatrical trailer(s); Widescreen anamorphic format.